Jen Kleinheinz

Jen Kleinheinz
Business Development Director

  • Jen is our Director of Business Development, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!
  • She’s a top tier professional with an extensive background in growing successful businesses and building structure within divisions.
  • Jen’s amazing skill set in business is matched by her enthusiasm and the pride she takes in helping our
  • Jen saw our vision, “a company built by Firefighters for Firefighters,” and she had to get involved. Why, you ask? Family that’s why!
  • Jen’s father, grandfather, (4) uncles and (1) cousin are ALL Firefighters and her bother-in-law is a Police Officer, but we won’t hold that against him!
  • When she is not working or spending time with her niece and nephew, you just might find her on a beach in southwest florida or high-rolling in vegas!
  • If you thought FireHouse Service Company was growing fast before, keep watching to see what the future holds for us with jen kleinheinz on our