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We service, install and maintain the equipment that makes your home comfortable. From a broken furnace on Christmas Eve, to a clogged kitchen sink on thanksgiving, to power loss on game day, one call and we'll handle it all. You can rest easy knowing that the highest quality craftsmen in the industry are ready to provide the best service in the industry.

FIREHOUSE SERVICE COMPANY was built as the residential services division of MORSON MECHANICAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY a full service commercial and residential general contractor. This gives us the resources to offer services on a larger scale for your commercial/industrial property or business.


  • Heating

    We sell and service Heating systems.

     Buy or finance your new high efficiency heat system.

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  • Air Conditioning

    We sell and service Cooling systems.

    Buy or finance your new high efficiency air conditioner.


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  • Ventilation/Air Quality

    We sell and service HVAC systems.

    High efficiency furnace & air conditioning service & maintenance.


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    We work on residential plumbing issues. 

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    Electrical Services

    We work on your electrical residential service issues.

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    Water Seepage

    We can solve your basement or crawlspace water seepage issues.

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